Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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Project structure


A simple overall structure based on three work packages was deemed most efficient and flexible. WP1 is the Project Management, WP2 is the Computing e-Infrastructure cost calculation (tackling the key research question of the project) and WP3 is project dissemination and outreach.
WP1 – Project management provides proactive and efficient project coordination and financial administration of the project. WP1 supervises the progress of all work packages and tasks, assesses the overall quality including the corresponding metrics and performance indicators, evaluates and mitigates project risks, and manages the resources of the project. WP1 organises an effective internal communication within the project and is responsible for timely communication with the European Commission.
WP2 - Computing e-Infrastructure cost calculation is further subdivided into tasks dealing with the preparatory work (state-of-the-art review, initial conceptual model and questionnaire design), questionnaire data gathering, the actual calculation of the costs at national and European level and the comparison with commercial offerings, drawing conclusions on pricing schemes and business modes.
WP3 – Dissemination and outreach deals with the communication of the project results and outputs, as well as collaboration with the other projects identified above.