Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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1st e-FISCAL workshop

1st e-FISCAL workshop @ EGI Technical Forum in Lyon

On wednesday 21st September 2011, during the EGI Technical Forum in Lyon, the first e-FISCAL workshop took place. All the presentations and material are available on-line. The workshop program included a short introduction to the e-FISCAL project, the overall plan for the project cost analysis and its expected outputs, along with the presentation of its methodology. Considerable amount of time has been dedicated to discuss the methodology and survey among the e-FISCAL team, the panelists (Per Öster, EGI Council and board chair - Director, Research Environments at CSC and Maurice Bouwhuis, Relations and Innovation Manager at SARA) and the audience.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments related to e-FISCAL project in general, or about its methodology and survey process. As financial questionnaires are complex, we intend to work closely with the e-Infrastructure community to produce useful, accurate and reliable models and information.

Workshop report

Photos from the workshop