Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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For the e-FISCAL final results check D2.3 Computing e-Infrastructure cost estimation and analysis or the D2.3 Executive Summary

Deliverable Description
D2.1 e-FISCAL questionnaire This document provides an overview of the whole administration process of the questionnaire developed within the e-FISCAL project to retrieve cost data from NGI sites and HPC centres as well as the costing methodology under which these data will be analysed.

D2.2 Computing e-Infrastructure cost calculation at national and European level - updated

(original version)

This report summarizes the preliminary findings from computing e-infrastructure costs calculations. It includes a description of the collection and synthesis of questionnaire data as well as the corresponding preliminary analysis in order to come up with quantitative and qualitative results such as the cost per logical CPU/hour. The deliverable also includes a brief overview of the current state-of-the-art and a section about benchmarking.
D2.3 Computing e-Infrastructure cost estimation and analysis – Pricing and     Business models This report contains the final analysis of the annual costs of the European computing e-Infrastructure. In addition to updating the information contained in the deliverable D2.2, it also present benchmarking activities in more detail, analyses the data using a new, alternative approach (site-by-site analysis) and includes description of the cost assessment tools developed by the project.

D3.1 web site available (The e-FISCAL website)

The project website has been made publicly available under '.eu' domain. It uses an appropriate and distinctive visual identity (including a logo designed for the project) and contains  a news section, basic information on project goals and outputs, and also includes a private working space for tracking project progress. 
D3.2 Dissemination and liaison plan This report sets out the strategy for project dissemination and liaison with other projects, organisations and initiatives, and makes use of the guidelines set out by the European Commission for successful project dissemination. It sets out the audiences the project intends to communicate with and the channels used to reach them.  The project makes use of the contact networks of the partners and NUI Galway, as well as projects dedicated to dissemination such as  eScienceTalk. Plans are set out for the final project workshop and a brief report on the first project workshop (held in M2) is provided. The report also sets out a strategy for selecting, contacting and engaging withother organisations in the e-Infrastructure community to seek opportunities for liaison and collaborations. These collaborations will assist in data collection and dissemination of project results.