Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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The e-FISCAL project gathers information about costs and business models of e-Infrastructure and commercial computing services, to generate information of interest to infrastructure providers and users in planning their usage and service provision.
Key projects outputs include:
  • an evaluation of the overall cost of the entire European HTC and HPC infrastructures and comparison with the closest commercial on-demand offerings
  •  the development of a generic cost model, business models and sustainability outlook contributions
These will be conveyed to the community through a preliminary report in May 2012 and a final report including business models in January 2013. A second e-Fiscal workshop in September 2012 will allow the project to communicate its preliminary results and gather further input from the community.
The formal deliverables of the project are available on the "deliverables" page, all project presentations in internal and external events are collected in "presentations" page,
The other project publications see the "publications" page and for the cost assessment tools developed by the project the "tools" page.