Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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Advisory Board

The role of the e-FISCAL  Advisory Board (AB) was to provide expert opinions and guidance to the project, both technical and policy-oriented in nature; Technical aspects are related to cost impact of the ongoing and anticipated developments of the relevant technologies, while policy issues relate to insights and strategies from both the commercial and research worlds. There were four members in the e-FISCAL AB:


John Barr  (AB member until end of September 2012) is a distinguished analyst and covers IT early adoption and innovation in High Performance Computing at The 451 Group. He is also responsible for the company's research activities within the European Commission Framework Program. He leads our involvement in the BonFIRE project (which is developing cloud testbeds), and works as a proposal evaluator and project reviewer for HPC-related projects on behalf of the European Commission. John has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, initially writing compilers and development tools for High Performance Computing platforms. The bulk of his career has been spent in a variety of technical roles at HPC vendors, delivering training, running benchmarks and providing pre and post sales customer support. He worked for Meiko, Convex, SGI, Sun and Intel before joining The 451 Group in 2006.


Gudmund Høst is Special Adviser to the Research Council of Norway. He has been involved in planning and coordination of national initiatives in computational mathematics, e-Science, and e-Infrastructure  since 2004 and he is Chair of the e-Infrastructures Reflection Group (e-IRG). Prior to this he held the positions of research engineer at Det norske Veritas, Høvik, Norway, the  Department Oceanography and wave statistics, Chief Research Scientist at the  Norwegian Computing Center, department of Statistical modeling of environmental data and visiting scientist at the Department of Statistics, Stanford University, USA. He has been chair of the Steering Board of Nordic Data Grid Facility, and ha been central in the planning of the Nordic eScience Initiative. He has participated in expert committees on e-Infrastructures in the USA (National Science Foundation), the European Commission, the Netherlands and Sweden. He holds a Master’s degree in Fluid Mechanics and a Doctorate in Science, Mathematical Statistics, both from the University of Oslo


Jesus Marco de Lucas Research Professor at Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA), a joint center CSIC-Universidad de Cantabria. Experimental particle physicist, he collaborated in the DELPHI experiment at the Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) at CERN until 2000, in the search for the Higgs boson, and is now member of the CMS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where he contributes in the Tier-2 computing center at IFCA. He has participated in several European projects on Grid computing: Interactive European Grid, CrossGrid, EGEE, DORII, and currently in the European Grid Initiative, EGI, through Ibergrid. He manages the GRID-CSIC project and also participates in the Spanish Supercomputing Network coordinated by BSC, at the node in the University of Cantabria. He has been director of IFCA (2004-2007) and Coordinator in the Area of Physics within CSIC (2008-2010). He currently collaborates in two research lines at IFCA: Advanced Computing and e-Science, and Experimental Particle Physics.


Annaïg Le Guen has recently joined the GENCI team (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif) after her fruitful experience at the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research where she was working in the dedicated unit in charge of the very large research infrastructures. She was the French Delegate to the FP7 Programme Committee on Infrastructures. She has been involved in the definition of the calls and the selection of projects in FP7, in particular those dealing with PRACE -3IP, the discussion on the GEANT expert group report, the communication on HPC in February 2012… Moreover, she has also been French Delegate at the Programme committee for the ERIC(European Consortium for Research Infrastructures)and she has managed the definition of the French procedure to realise the national collaborations in ERICs.
Her position at the French Ministry oh Higher Education and Research has been a real enhancement in her professional experience as she participated to the policy-making process, with the completion of the strategic roadmap for infrastructures, the business plan and the long term financial planning, altogether for single sited infrastructures, distributed and e-infrastructures.
Last but not least, her background as an engineer and her doctorate in fluid mechanics and modelling in turbulence phenomenon gives her a scientific experience that completes her professional experience in management of projects on information systems plateforms.