Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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A list of e-FISCAL events with the corresponding presentations in related events in given below.




e-FISCAL presentations

e-FISCAL workshop at EGI Technical Forum, Lyon

21st September 2011


Introduction/Objectives, F. Karagiannis, Survey / Methodology, S. Cohen

NGI International liaisons kick-off meeting, Amsterdam

10th November 2011

e-FISCAL questionnaire and material circulated, S. Andreozzi

e-AGE 2011, Amman, combined with the EU-MED event 3

13th December 2011

ASREN, DANTE, Eumedconnect3, Eumedgrid-support et al

e-FISCAL presentation, F. Karagiannis

Joint workshop with ERINA+ @ EGI Community Forum, Munich

28th March 2012


e-FISCAL presentation, F. Karagiannis

e-IRG workshop, Copenhagen

11th to 12th June 2012


e-FISCAL presentation, M. Heikkurinen

e-FISCAL summer workshop, Samos

3rd – 4th July 2012


Introduction F. Karagiannis, Survey analysis, S. Cohen Benchmarking, K. Iqbal Panel intro M. Heikkurinen Panel summary, F. Karagiannis

e-FISCAL workshop at EGI Technical Forum, Prague 21st September 2012 e-FISCAL

Key findings, F. Karagiannis, Benchmarking, K. Iqbal, Conclusions, M. Heikkurinen

eChallenges 2012 conference, Lisbon 17th October 2012 IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd

PaperPresentation M. Heikkurinen

EUDAT 1st conference, Barcelona 22nd - 24th October 2012 EUDAT Presentation, video, M. Heikkurinen

Towards an EU strategy of Cloud computing for government and science, Open Workshop, Brussels

26th November 2012 IDC EMEA and TRUST IT on behalf of DG Connect Presentation, F. Karagiannis
e-AGE2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirated 12-13th December 2012 ASREN Presentation, F. Karagiannis
e-FISCAL final workshop, Amsterdam 28-29th January 2013 Tutorial session, S. Cohen, e-FISCAL findings, Case Studies, Panel (all available under the e-FISCAL final workshop page)
eConcertation event, Brussels 6-7 March 2013 European Commission, DG CNECT/ eInfrastructure unit Presentation, F. Karagiannis

The events with bold have been organised (or co-organised) by the e-FISCAL project.