Financial Study for Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures

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Agenda for the e-FISCAL Summer Workshop 3-4 July, Samos, Greece published - please register ASAP!

The draft agenda for the second e-FISCAL workshop has been published at Registration is open (see Samos Summit registration information); please register before the 1st of June to guarantee a room at the workshop venue!

e-FISCAL Summer Workshop 3-4 July, Samos, Greece - registration open!

N.B. The workshop has already been held - see the main workshop page for links to presentations

e-FISCAL computing cost survey - deadline extended to 29th February

Due to numerous requests, the deadline of the e-FISCAL survey has been extended to 29th of February 2012. Broader dataset will also give the project a chance to use more fine-grained categorisation of cost models and thus provide more detailed view of the overall ecosystem of ICT-enabled research in Europe in its reporting.

While the focus of the project is on HTC and HPC services for research, the project is also very interested in contributions from IT service providers and users outside this scope (e.g. public sector, commercial and outsourced services).

State of the art repository updated

The state of the art repository maintained by the project has recently been updated. It consist now 29 refernces looking into different aspects of cost assessment of ICT infrastructures.

Please do not hesitate to propose papers to be added to the collection!


e-FISCAL Survey released

Today the e-FISCAL project launched a major survey to understand the cost of High Throughtput or Grid computing (HTC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) services in Europe. A news release on the survey is available online here while more information on the study can be found on our survey page.


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